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Gas Prices Continue Downward Trend As Demand Declines

BEND, OR -- Gas prices fell for the sixth week in a row. The national average is down 17 cents to $4.33 a gallon, Oregon’s average dropped 12 cents to $5.15 and Bend's local average declined 13 cents to $5.22.

Crude oil prices remain volatile, due to the war in Ukraine, but if they hold steady, Marie Dodds, with AAA Oregon, says prices could fall back under $5 a gallon before the end of summer, "We’ve seen prices fall in Oregon anywhere from 10 to 15 cents or more per week, the last few weeks. So, with the current average of $5.15, certainly it’s very possible we’ll see prices drop below that $5 a gallon mark."

A big factor in those lower prices is demand. Dodds says a new survey shows recent high prices pushed many people to drive less, "About 2/3 of US adults have changed their driving habits or lifestyle since March, and 23% say they’ve made major changes." She tells KBND News, "The top three changes made by drivers to offset high gas prices are: Driving less, combining errands and reducing shopping or dining out." Demand edged up slightly last week, but she says it’s still well below typical summer numbers. 

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