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More Input Needed On Future Of Bend

BEND, OR -- The group Envision Bend continues to hold workshops, to hear what people in Bend want from their community in the future. Project Lead Jillian Taylor says about 800 people have respond to their online survey, so far, "Now, we are keeping an eye on the demographics of that. So that as we look at who's actually taking the survey, if we are missing key parts of our community, we are going out to where they are and encouraging them to participate."

But, she tells KBND News, it’s the listening sessions - or "workshops" - where they have real conversations, "We go deeper into four key questions, about values, challenges, dreams and opportunities, and game changers. It’s been really fun; we’ve done two of them, so far. We’ve had people from every quadrant and neighborhood from the city that have jumped on. And we just have these really rich conversations about what we’re concerned about and what we hope for."

Taylor says they hear from a lot of people grieving the loss of what they consider a small town feel, "Part of our mission is to dig into ‘What does that look like? What does that mean to you?’ And people will talk about knowing their neighbors, helping each other out, recognizing people when they go to a restaurant. How do we then translate that into city planning, transportation - you know, all these different structural mechanisms where we could actually create stronger neighborhoods?"

The next “Listen and Envision Workshop” is Tuesday, August 2 at 9 a.m. Click HERE to sign up for the free, virtual event. Taylor says they want to hear from all kinds of Bend residents, but also those who commute to Bend regularly.

In the fall, they’ll start putting together a five-year action plan, using the data they've gathered. Then, the full Bend Vision Project will be presented to the city early next year.

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