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Bend Plans To Ban Pet Store Animal Sales

BEND, OR -- Bend City Council appears ready to ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits at pet stores. Councilor Megan Perkins says she proposed the ordinance after hearing repeatedly from a group concerned about puppy mills, "We’re sort of doing two things. One, is making a statement that Bend doesn’t want to see these types of pets from these irresponsible breeders in our stores and in our community. And, second, we want to encourage, as a community, that we should all be supporting our rescue organizations." She tells KBND News, "So far, there are no pet stores in Bend that are selling dogs, kittens and bunnies from these puppy mills. We’re just putting this ordinance through that would just say that this is not something we want to see in the future."

Perkins acknowledges this is not a major issue for the city, "This is not something that has taken up a lot of Council’s time; it has not taken up a lot of staff time. And we do not foresee that happening in the future. And part of that reason is because it is a proactive measure. But part of the reason is, we’re not going to be talking about this Council meeting after Council meeting after Council meeting. This is sort of like a one and done."

The first reading of the ordinance passed Wednesday night, 7-0. The second reading is scheduled for August 17. It encourages stores to continue partnering with animal rescue organizations to hold adoption events instead of selling dogs, cats and rabbits for profit.

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