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Editorial: 48 Hours Later

For more than 80 years, KBND has been entrusted with providing important, accurate and timely information to Central Oregonians. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. As we all continue to process the tragic event that unfolded in just four minutes Sunday evening, I want to take a moment to explain why you won’t hear certain details in our coverage. 

We reported the gunman’s identity when the police released his name. We have made the editorial decision to not use his name again. While KBND received a copy of the killer’s so-called “manifesto” early on, we have chosen not to report on its contents, the website(s) on which it appears, nor the internet handle he used. After reviewing the disturbing journal-like entries written by someone claiming to be the gunman, it is very clear he wanted notoriety. KBND News will not provide that recognition. His words will not appear on our website or on-air. You will not see his photo, nor will we talk with those who knew him. 

This is not a criticism of the media outlets who choose to do so. We know this may risk “ratings,” as listeners find the information elsewhere. But, after the national media moves on to the next big story, we remain. This is as personal for us as it is for you. Here at KBND and Combined Communications, our roots run deep in this community. Our responsibility is to you: our listeners, our neighbors and our family. 

We will continue to report on the investigation as it progresses. We will also focus on the heroes of that day: Mr. Surrett, the employee who sacrificed his life in an attempt to stop the gunman; the first responders, who entered the store while hearing gunfire inside; the first victim, Mr. Bennett, killed during a routine Sunday evening shopping trip; and the Good Samaritans who attempted to save him by pulling him from harm's way. 

Thank you for supporting us as we do our best to support you during this time.


Heather Roberts

KBND / Combined Communications News Director


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