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Shooting Aftermath: Mourning And Support

BEND, OR -- The investigation continues into Sunday’s deadly shooting. Bend Police have said to expect it to take an extended amount of time. Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Broadman says it’s a complicated effort with multiple agencies. "I’ve got to commend Chief Krantz and Bend Police Department for helming a multi-agency approach to this," Broadman told KBND News on Thursday, "It required interaction with ATF, because we were concerned about explosives. It required working with State Police, and we got resources from the Governor and State Police, which were very essential that night. Every day new details are coming out; some of them are more disturbing than the day before."

Investigators are done collecting evidence from inside the eastside Safeway where two people were shot before the gunman took his own life. But, the site remains off limits to the public and Safeway’s corporate headquarters says there’s no timeline for when it might reopen. Broadman says it’s important for everyone to have time to process what happened, especially those who work at the store, "I think we’re still very much in the mourning phase of this, as a city, as a community. I know the most important thing that the city can do is make sure that everybody’s safe, right away. And that’s what Bend Police Department, working with the FBI, Deschutes County Sheriff and State Police did. I’m very proud of our response on Sunday morning and going forward."

Broadman credits previous training for saving lives, "In June, every single one of our sworn officers participated in an active shooter training up at Mt. Bachelor, in the Sunrise Lodge. Our officers are trained to run as quickly as they can, enter a building where a shooting is occurring, and run toward gunfire. And that’s exactly what happened on Sunday night. And I believe that prevented this from being a much worse tragedy."

He tells KBND News, "There’s a lot of trauma in this community right now, I think, even for people who may not have had any personal connection to the victims or the people who were in the store that night. We have an illness in this country; we have a gun problem in this country; we have a shooting problem in this country. I don’t think - it would’ve been naive to think this was never going to happen in Bend. It still doesn’t make it any less shocking and it still doesn’t make it any less difficult to process for folks who are struggling with it." For those who are struggling, the Community Assistance Center is open at Pilot Butte Middle School Friday afternoon. Saturday it moves to the Deschutes County Crisis Stabilization Center (63311 NE Jamison St., Bend) through Monday. It's available 3 to 7 p.m. each day. 



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