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Gov. Brown Meets With Bend First Responders

BEND, OR -- Governor Kate Brown met with first responders Friday, to talk about the deadly Safeway shooting. The meeting was closed to the public. But afterwards, she told reporters she expressed sympathy to the families of the victims, "I know the community is grieving. Oregon has their back. This is going to take time for folks to grieve and heal and that whatever resources they need, the state of Oregon will be there for them." 

The Governor also commended Bend Police, Fire & Rescue and other agencies in the region, "These first responders showed enormous courage and strength, given the circumstances. It's folks like these, as well as the actions of the victims, that make me so incredibly proud to be an Oregonian." Brown praised officers' preparation and training, along with being properly equipped to handle the situation. 

She also called on the Legislature to take action to prevent future tragedies, "We need to do everything in our power to end gun violence. Republicans and Democrats need to come together. We need to end the scourge of gun violence in this state and this country."

In a statement issued after the Bend meeting, Gov. Brown said, "I’d like to thank the Bend police officers and first responders who were on duty Sunday night. From the time of the initial dispatch call to the time the store was secured, only four minutes elapsed. They ran into the store while shots were being fired. Because they responded so quickly, lives were saved."

The Governor was joined by Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz, Fire Chief Todd Riley, City Manager Eric King, Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Broadman, and members of the Bend City Council.

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