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New Wolves Spotted In Warm Springs

WARM SPRINGS, OR -- Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife is labeling the northern Oregon Cascades a new "Area of Known Wolf Activity" after two pups were spotted on a trail camera on the Warm Springs Reservation. Two wolves were initially found in December by Warm Springs biologists, but then there was no activity until these pups showed up last month.

ODFW’s Michelle Dennehy says it’s the second recent wolf designation, "Earlier this summer, we designated the Upper Deschutes area of wolves and that includes parts of Klamath County. That was an example - and this has happened a number of times - where people saw wolf activity or wolf signs and they actually reported it to us. And that really helped us to focus our monitoring efforts."

Dennehy tells KBND News wolves have been slowly migrating westward from Idaho and other states where populations were reestablished earlier, "At this point, we have a number of wolf packs in northeast Oregon. But now we’re starting to see more in the Cascades, including this new Warm Springs group of wolves." She adds, "It’s what wolves do, they will strike out on their own because they want to find a mate."

She says the Area of Known Wolf Activity designation only comes when they settle into a region and are considered “resident.” Wolves just passing through don’t prompt the same warnings for the public and livestock producers. 

If this new group still has at least four wolves by the end of this year, they’ll be deemed the Warm Springs Pack


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