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Bend Parks District Cracks Down On Off-Leash Dogs

BEND, OR -- Bend Park and Recreation District staff is looking for people who violate the city’s leash ordinance. As part of this week’s Dogs in Parks Awareness Campaign, the district is working with Bend Police, "The Community Services officers are joining us to be out there this week to give reminders to people about having their dogs on-leash, and just the importance of it," says Park Stewardship Manager Jeff Hagler. 

"We do a program of rewards for people that have dogs on leash. We hand out dog treats and other little items to encourage that," says Hagler, "And then we’ll just be reminding folks that they do need to have that dog on-leash, or there are consequences. It is a city of Bend law the police department can enforce." Violators face up to $200 citation from police; parks staff can also issue up to a 30-day park exclusion.  

"I want to emphasize that just where there’s an open grass area is not a good place to have your dog run off-leash to run or chase the ball. It really does cause problems for other park users," he tells KBND News,"A lot of people don’t realize it but just seeing an off-leash dog, to somebody who has a small child or they have a dog on a leash, brings up fear right away. What is that going to do? The unknown. And often we do have conflicts with other dogs, off-leash to a leashed dog."

BPRD has nine dog off-leash areas in local parks:

  • Alpenglow Community Park (61049 SE 15th St.) 3.9 acres, fenced with small dog area and agility amenities.
  • Big Sky Park (21690 Neff Rd) 5 acres, fenced.
  • Discovery Park (1315 NW Discovery Park Drive) 1.6 acres, fenced.
  • Riverbend Park (799 SW Columbia St) 1.1 acres, fenced with river access and small dog area.
  • Ponderosa Park (225 SE 15th St) 2.9 acres, fenced with small dog area.
  • Bob Wenger Memorial Off-Leash Area at Pine Nursery Park (NE Purcell Rd) 18.8 acres, fenced with seasonal splash pad and small dog park.
  • Hollinshead Park (1235 NE Jones Rd) 3.7 acres, unfenced.
  • Overturf Butte Reservoir (Skyliner Summit Loop) 4.6 acres, fenced.
  • Awbrey Reservoir (NW 10th and Trenton) 5 acres, partially fenced (not fully enclosed). Note: acreage is approximate.

Learn more on the district's Dogs in Parks webpage. Click HERE to listen to our full conversation with Jeff Hagler. 


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