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Downtown Businesses Hope To Profit From Summer Concerts

BEND, OR -- With more than 50 concerts planned for the Hayden Homes Amphitheater this summer, the Downtown Bend Business Association wants to make the most out of the estimated 4,000-8,000 people expected per show.

Executive Director Shannon Monihan says an effort is underway to promote downtown through partnerships in Portland and other markets, and work with the amphitheater directly, "So, we’re virtually reaching out to those concert goers, so they know we’re open and ready for them after and before a concert."

She wants those tourists to spend their money with local businesses, "Feedback to me was that the tourists go out to, like, Taco Bell after the concerts. We need to nurture those visitors, make them feel really comfortable navigating downtown." Monihan says about 70% of the people who shop and eat downtown are locals, with only about 30% from out of the area, "We should be more engaged with tourists; whereas Old Mill and Hayden Amphitheater is kind of the flip of that, or the middle, like 60/40. So, I want us to strive to target - with a new program, called the VIP pass program - the tourists that come to Bend, to be comfortable navigating parking downtown, to be comfortable navigating our hours downtown, and really feel engaged."

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She tells KBND News there's also an effort to alleviate parking issues, "I’m working with Toby at the city of Bend Parking [Division], and the Hayden Amphitheater, to talk about a potential shuttle to go back and forth during concert days, so they don’t have to navigate parking. That’s in the works. I can’t say it’s for sure yet, but we’re trying to work out those kinks." 

To listen to our full conversation with DBBA Executive Director Shannon Monihan, visit KBND's Podcast Page

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