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Bend Streamlines ADU Permitting Process

BEND, OR -- Bend’s Building Division has launched a new Pre-Approved Accessory Dwelling Unit Plans program, designed to get more ADUs built faster. Kerry Bell, the city’s Middle Income Housing Coordinator, tells KBND News one building plan is available for free (pictured), "The plan is pre-approved, ready to submit for permitting, so you’re going to save time in that process." Homeowners still need site approval to make sure the ADU is appropriate for the location, and to pay for the necessary permits. But Bell estimates it could save up to six weeks. 

"This has been a collaborative effort with the Building Safety Division; we work really closely with them. And we’re looking forward to working through the next phases," Bell tells KBND News,  "The next phase is to provide more of a library of plans on our website. And we’re just exploring all the options that surround that: are they more free plans? Are they plans you pay for? Is it just ADUs? Is it different types of smaller structures?"

She says, "We already know we need a one bedroom, possibly a one-bedroom loft-type option, right? There are so many fun ideas out there, and we want to make sure we’re providing those. But we do want input from the community. So, we feel that by the community seeing this product, if this product suits them - great; we're ready to run tomorrow with it. If not, then I’m here to make sure we can get that feedback, as well as the feedback we’re already getting from our design community, as we get ready to launch the second phase." Click HERE to learn more.

Bend’s pre-approved ADU plan program is modeled after a similar effort in Eugene. 


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