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Webinar Offered For New Farmers

BEND, OR -- The USDA offers Oregonians new to farming and ranching a chance to learn about available financial help. Tuesday morning’s virtual event is hosted by Oregon’s Beginning Farmer Rancher Team and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). "This is really a good way for new farmers, or people thinking about getting into farming, to learn about how the USDA can support them in their goals," says NRCS-Oregon's Lauren Bennett.

She tells KBND News many new to ag operations are small and in need of financial assistance, "If they’ve just bought a small plot of land, whether it’s in an urban space or a rural space, they probably can’t afford to buy a brand new tractor immediately after purchasing new land. So, just working with them through the unique challenges that beginning farmers face at whatever scale, we definitely want to start that conversation earlier rather than later." She says the webinar provides access to multiple agencies, "Beginning farmers maybe don’t know about barriers or restrictions to access for technical or financial assistance. So, it’s really to provide information from each agency on what we provide."

Bennett says many start-ups don’t realize how side gigs and other income could impact eligibility, now how much time it takes to access federal help, "We can’t give you money overnight. So, I think the eligibility piece is really huge- informing new or beginning farmers on that eligibility piece of what you have to check off to even start working with one of us; and then the timeframe in which we can really support you financially."

The Beginning Farmer and Rancher webinar series is offered each quarter on the third Tuesday of April, July, October and January. This month's webinar starts at 7:30 a.m. The next one is offered on July 18th at noon. Click HERE to learn more and to register to attend. 


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