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Order Of St. Luke Opens Bend Chapter

BEND, OR -- The Order of St Luke introduces its nondenominational organization to Bend Monday night.

This international group attracts those who want a more prayerful and contemplative spiritual life says Brother David Collette, “It’s not a church and it’s not a religion, but it is a gathering of all believers. As the church in a monastery setting would gather to pray, we do that as monks amongst us.”

Collette tells KBND News the international group can fulfill a need in Central Oregon, “What I have found is that there is quite a niche for people who are seeking something a little different. Something more contemplative, something more along the lines of a monastic type of spirituality. All are welcome and it’s really one of the few religious orders where that is really true. It’s really nice some time to pray with 5 different people from 5 different denominations represented and they’re all brothers and sisters.”

Collette says while they practice monastic rituals, followers don’t usually live as monks, “We keep our vocations whatever they are, so everyone’s on equal footing.”

The Order of Saint Luke is an International Ecumenical Religious Order open to all people who have a desire for a slower, quieter, more prayerful and contemplative monastic type of spirituality.  Public service is also important to the Order.

Collette invites the curious to the Holy Communion Church on SE 3rd Street in Bend Monday night at 6:30, “All are welcome to attend the introduction... which includes praying and singing in monastic chant.”


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