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Deschutes County Contracts For Methane Mining

BEND, OR -- A new attempt to mine methane gas from Knott Landfill will soon get underway. Deschutes County Commissioners have agreed to a minimum 20-year contract with Cascade Natural Gas.

Director of Solid Waste Chad Centola says the utility will expand emissions collection already underway at the landfill, "Our current system at Knott Landfill, we operate strictly for regulatory compliance. We control surface emissions, as well as subsurface migration of landfill gas coming off the landfill. And Cascade Natural Gas will essentially take over operation of that system for gas collection. And, they’ll likely be expanding the field, adding additional gas roles to the site." He adds, "Their system will take that gas and clean it up, odorize it and distribute it into the local gas distribution network in Bend, here."

County Commissioner Patti Adair tells KBND News it’s a win-win agreement, allowing Cascade Natural Gas to increase production for local customers and bring in money for the county, "It is an opportunity for the next 30 years. And it could be as much as - our 30% - up to $650,000 a year in revenue for Deschutes County landfill." She admits the money isn't guaranteed, "It will, with this contract, be market dependent - our 30%. So, if natural gas goes down, our revenue will go down. But, the way that natural gas is, I do believe this is great. It’ll be something available for the local community."

Centola says it’ll take about two years for Cascade Natural to build the necessary infrastructure at the landfill.

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