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Parks & Rec Tips For Fun (And Safe) Floating

BEND, OR -- With summer fast approaching, Bend Parks and Rec urges river users to take safety precautions, especially as local waterways get crowded. 

“In a typical summer, we will have close to a quarter million river users, between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And I anticipate that that activity will probably have a similar level of interest. It’s always a little bit weather dependent,” Julie Brown, with the Bend Park and Recreation District, urges people planning to float the river to prepare for crowds and conditions. 

“We really encourage people to use durable gear and either have your own tube or consider renting durable gear, wearing a life jacket. That water is very cold, even on the hottest days of the summer, but certainly right now. It is extremely cold, so people need to take precautions for that,” Brown offers another caution about being on the water, “We’re also seeing a lot of alcohol use in our parks and in our river, and that’s a very dangerous combination. We really want people to refrain from using alcohol, especially if they’re going to be engaging in any of the river activities. It’s just - it’s a bad idea.” 

Parks and Rec anticipates a busy 3-day holiday weekend. “We are going to be having the concession activities, with the ability to rent tubes; that’s going to get kicked off this weekend at Riverbend Park,” says Brown.

The Ride the River shuttle, running from the Park and Float near the Pavilion, to Drake and Riverbend Parks, begins Saturday, June 17th.   


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