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BPD Finishing Up Dash Cam Installation

BEND, OR -- A year after signing a $679,500 contract, the Bend Police Department is nearly done installing dash cams and rear-facing cameras in its fleet of patrol cars. "The contract provided for the purchase and installation of the cameras, as well as software and video storage," BPD's Sheila Miller said in a video released by the department this week. "The goal of these systems is to further increase the transparency of our local law enforcement actions, as well as to improve public safety, reduce crime and assist in prosecution efforts."

Technicians with Axon will finish installation next week, "When complete, every officer will use a body-worn camera, and every vehicle will be equipped with a camera during their shifts," said Miller, "This is the second and final phase in the Bend Police Department’s body-worn camera project that was brought before the City Council and approved in 2021." That initial contract was for officer body cams. "The camera systems serve as an effective tool for helping the public access and understand interactions between officers and community members. All video recordings will be stored in a secure cloud location and the District Attorney’s office will have the ability to review the recordings."

The five-year contract with Axon includes the installation work, system software and video storage. 

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