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Bend Man Cited For Large Cache Of Illegal Fireworks

BEND, OR -- Bend Police cited a man Thursday after they discovered more than $1,000 of illegal fireworks at his house. Investigators say he also posted pictures of his stash on social media. Daniel Romero and his home were the subject of at least seven illegal fireworks calls over the past year. The 42-year-old is charged with Possession of Prohibited Fireworks, which is a misdemeanor.

Bend PD’s Sheila Miller reminds everyone fireworks are not allowed inside the city limits, "I think a lot of people in Bend actually really do appreciate the fireworks ban. I think many years, it’s very stressful to see people blowing up things when it is 90 degrees out and dry as a bone. And it’s supposed to be almost 90 degrees on Tuesday."

Even with the ban, Miller says officers must prioritize life-threatening incidents, "We do not have the ability to respond to every fireworks complaint. We do have an email address that we ask people to send their fireworks complaints to: fireworks@bendoregon.gov." She adds, "We ask people not to call 911 about fireworks unless it is a life-threatening situation - something is on fire, someone is on fire, someone has been injured. Those are appropriate uses of 911 for fireworks calls."

Bend is one of the top regional destinations for holiday travelers and Miller tells KBND News weekend patrol efforts  will focus on impaired drivers, "So, we will have more officers than typical who are out looking for DUIs. It’s a problem year round in Bend, but it’s especially a problem at this time of year and around holidays."


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