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Crook County School Board To Swear In Three New Members

PRINEVILLE, OR -- Three new members join the Crook County School board Wednesday evening. Jessica Brumble, Jennifer Knight and Cheyenne Edgerly were dubbed “the Mama Bears” during the May election and unseated three incumbents. 

Dr. Charan Cline, Superintendent of neighboring Redmond Schools, tells KBND News the trio has people talking, "Sounds like you’ve got folks coming in who are looking to shake things up. Whether that’s good or that’s bad, that’s hard for me to say - I don’t know. I think there will definitely be some controversy."

He says the election is already having an impact on the region, "We have folks calling us about bringing their kids over to Redmond, and we’re picking up a few teachers from that area, too. I don’t know if that’s overreaction from some folks or not."

In June, CCSD Superintendent Dr. Sara Johnson announced she would step down before the end of her contract. She cited comments made during the campaign by the newly elected members as her reason for leaving. "I will say Sara Johnson, though, who is just resigning as their Superintendent, has been an excellent Superintendent," says Dr. Cline, "She’s really done a good job in Crook County, at least in my point of view, bringing it up into a real productive and meaningful work for their kids." He adds, "Sara is actually this year’s Superintendent of the Year in the state, recognized by her peers as really doing good work. So, I think that’s one thing I feel like is a real tragedy from this, is kind of that fallout." Dr. Johnson agreed to stay on until September, to help transition to an interim Superintendent. 

A fourth new member was appointed last week, after a failed attempt by Brumble, Knight and Edgerly to stop the process in court. Steve Holliday replaced Gwen Carr, who resigned due to an injury. 

Wednesday's swearing in and board meeting begin at 6:30 p.m. 


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