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Crook County Schools Names Interim Superintendent

PRINEVILLE, OR -- After interviewing several candidates for interim Superintendent, the Crook County School Board unanimously agreed to name former Superintendent Dr. Duane Yecha as a finalist for the job. He served as CCSD Superintedent from 2011 until his retirement in 2018. Dr. Sara Johnson then took over the top job. She announced her resignation after the 2023 school board election, citing differences with new board members. 

The new board solicited for candidates and interviewed a handful this week, including controversial former gubernatorial candidate Marc Thielman. Afterwards, they decided to reach out to Dr. Yecha directly. "After interviewing him, board members reached a consensus that Dr. Yecha would be the right leader to ensure a smooth start to the new school year and would help bridge the gap and bring the community together," the district said in a statement.

Before finalizing the appointment, the board will provide the community an opportunity to talk with Dr. Yecha and provide additional feedback. A meet-and-greet is scheduled for Thursday, August 3. Assuming there are no issues from the community, the board will appoint him as the interim Superintendent for one year, on Wednesday, August 16. 

"On rather short notice, I believe I am being called to serve the school district and community as the interim superintendent for this current school year." Dr. Yecha said in a statement, "If approved, I will answer this unexpected call to the best of my ability because I wish to honor and help the precious students, staff, parents, school board, and community members. Wisdom suggests building from strength, honoring past successes, honoring community expectations, and serving with integrity."

Community Meet-&-Greet

Thursday, August 3rd, 5 p.m.

School District Office: 471 Ochoco Plaza Drive, Prineville

August School Board Meeting

Wednesday, August 16th, 6:30 p.m.

School District Office: 471 Ochoco Plaza Drive, Prineville

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