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Committee Forming To Evaluate Bend Council Pay

BEND, OR -- Bend's City Council approved this week the creation of a temporary committee to make recommendations on pay for Councilors and the Mayor. "I think this is a balance of not having it be a full-time job but also making sure that you’re not taking away from your ability to earn a living," City Manager Eric King tells KBND News.

Seven to nine Bend residents are now needed for that committee. "They’ll look at comparable cities, where we stand with Council compensation," says King, "I know that the Council also wanted to look at benefits, as well. And really just making sure that whoever is running for Council has the ability to do so, and balance their other needs." He says compensation is reviewed every five years. The group is expected to meet three or four times, then make a recommendation to City Council by February.

“It’s important that the recommendation about Council compensation comes from community members. We look forward to hearing proposals on how to make serving on Council more accessible for more people,” Mayor Melanie Kebler said in a statement. “Our community will be better served when a larger segment of our community feels supported to step up and run for City Council.”

The committee will include up to three former Councilors and/or Mayors or other elected officials. Additional members could represent the following:

  • Current City Committees or Commissions (such as the Human Rights and Equity Commission, the Environment and Climate Committee, the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, Budget Committee, etc.)
  • Local community organizations (Latino Community Association, Bend Chamber, etc.)
  • Background in Human Resources and finance/business
  • Underrepresented communities
  • Community at large

Anyone interested who fits into one of the categories listed above can apply on the Advisory Committee Application webpage on the City’s website by 5 p.m. on August 31, 2023.


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