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Gov. Kotek Discusses Greater Idaho Movement

REDMOND, OR -- Governor Tina Kotek’s One Oregon Listening Tour has stopped in 26 counties so far this year, and many are areas supportive of the Greater Idaho MovementDuring her visit to Central Oregon last week, Gov. Kotek admitted, "I have met Oregonians who are frustrated, who want to be heard in Salem. And yes, some of them might have voted to support the measure to go to Idaho." She says it's not a big part of her conversations, "But it’s like, ‘Look; I just want to be heard,’ My job as Governor is to make sure people are heard. We’re not always going to agree on everything, but we need to have every perspective at the table."

Kotek is pushing for more geographic diversity on state committees and task forces, "A lot of the work that happens at state government are these commissions and boards that advise agencies. We need more representation from other parts of the state. Now, with the ability to do Zooms and virtual meetings, it is a lot easier for people from any corner of the state to participate. They just need to know we need them." She says her staff is using the One Oregon Tour to recruit members, "We have people on the trip asking, ‘Who do you know? Who would be interested in serving?’ Because, that’s one way, I think, to bring people together - when you have different people from every part of the state sitting down, solving the problems together."

About a dozen new committees, commissions and task forces were created by the 2023 Legislature, with more than 130 open positions. Existing boards also have openings. Click HERE for a list, and HERE for applications. 

Crook County is the next to vote on a Greater Idaho measure, in May. 

Submitted Photos: (Top) Gov. Kotek talks with a Culver-area farmer on Aug. 23, 2023.

(Above) Kotek and her team dine at the home of House Republican Leader Vikki Breese Iverson (R-Prineville) that evening.

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