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Crook Co. Neighborhood Opposes Planned Redmond Shelter

REDMOND, OR -- A neighborhood just outside of Deschutes County is voicing opposition to plans for a managed homeless camp three miles away in Redmond. The city has been discussing the proposed Oasis Village project for about a year and it's received state funding to bring utilities to the site near the Redmond Airport. But neighbors on the western edge of Crook County now say they should have been consulted before the site was approved.  

"Many residents of the West Powell Butte Estates and other concerned citizens are in opposition to the plans for this development," Trish Davis told Redmond's City Council Tuesday, "Also, we’d like to have the unauthorized homeless camps that are currently there now be moved to a more appropriate areas." She went on to say the project will increase crime in the region. "In addition, the increased traffic entering the circulation on Highway 126 including the airport traffic access, and adding more vehicles will only exacerbate the congested issues." She added, "And, the fear and safety of extreme fire danger in this area, as there is already very dangerous, major fire from unauthorized homeless camps that had already spread in our direction, that happened last year, in 2022."

In the past, Redmond's Mayor praised the location for its distance from residential neighbors. Oasis Village expects to begin moving people in to its 15 tiny shelters by the end of the year. KBND News talked with Redmond City Councilor Tobias Colvin about the project and this new opposition on Wednesday morning. To hear that full conversation, visit our Podcast Page.


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