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New Mural In Downtown Bend

BEND, OR -- Bend got its own Greetings mural this weekend. The large-letter postcard-style artwork faces Franklin Avenue on the Chase Bank Building.

Graphic Artist Victor Ving tells KBND News Oregon was chosen from dozens of suggestions for one of the landmark murals, spanning 60 cities across 27 states. “We kind of geographically picked Bend, and we thought it was a great town that we can attract tourism to as well and hopefully help a lot of these small businesses,” Ving says he, along with Bend’s Vivi Design Company, collaborated for months on the mural’s local features, with painting on the wall taking about a week. “It's been a great experience because we've been able to connect artists throughout the country throughout this project and Vivi Design…they've been amazing to work with. We gave them the creative freedom to do what they wanted. There's a big difference between doing your art in public and creating like true public art that involves the community because that process of gathering the ideas and sure there's like a lot about them, but we can't fit everything in there. So, we really have to distill it down.”

Ving says the projects are intended to help small business by drawing tourism, “When we're gone, it kind of belongs to the people that live in the area and we want them to take ownership of it and feel proud of what they're doing.”

The art projects are funded by grants from the Greetings Tour.

They finished Sunday, with Ving handing out postcards and stamps of the Greetings from Bend design.


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