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Culver Teacher Honored With Regional Prize

CULVER, OR -- A fifth grade teacher in Culver is one of Oregon’s 17 regional teachers of the year. Becky Brouillard was presented the award at a surprise assembly Wednesday, with representatives from the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Lottery. "It’s an honor. It’s great to be recognized and appreciated," Brouillard told KBND News shortly after Wednesday's assembly at Culver Elementary. She also receives a $1,000 prize. "I got a lot of hugs from last year’s class, the sixth graders, as they were leaving the assembly; and this year’s class, I did get a few hugs from them as they walked out too. I think they’re all pretty excited."

Culver Superintendent Stefanie Garber says Brouillard has taught at the school for 32 years, "A lot of people might, after that length of time, take the easy way out and do the same things over and over. And she has never. There has never been two years that have looked the same." Garber added, "She is so innovative. And she’s by far the most tech savvy person in the building. Her classroom is just such a dynamic place to be."

With so many teachers leaving the profession, Garber says the award is meaningful even beyond Culver, "To recognize somebody who has been here through and through, and is loyal and dedicated and loves children every year for 32 years, I don’t know that there’s a better way to show others who might be thinking about the profession how rewarding this really is."

Brouillard believes she’s in good company, "There’s so many teachers doing so many wonderful things. And unfortunately we can’t recognize everybody. But it’s nice to pick out a couple here and there and showcase what they’re doing." 

Brouillard will represent the Jefferson County region in the statewide 2023-24 Teacher of the Year competition. That winner will be announced in October and receives $10,000. The winner's school gets $5,000. 


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