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Deschutes County Launches "I Voted" Sticker Contest

BEND, OR -- Deschutes County is revamping its “I Voted” sticker for the 2024 election. Actually, County Clerk Steve Dennison says, the new design will come from local kids. "It’s just always seemed like a fun idea to me, and a way to engage youth - students - in a way that’s not typical," he tells KBND News.  

His office is accepting submissions of original art from Deschutes County K-12 students to be used on the 2" round stickers. Dennison hopes the sticker contest will get kids thinking about elections, "Nobody’s ever too young to start working and understanding our elections process, and understanding how the whole thing works. Having kids engaged in the process and let them gain a better understanding - at least try and provoke their thought to what it means to vote."

But, of course, those stickers can be hard to come by because most people put their ballot in the mail. And that means the little stickers could become a collectors' item, "Deschutes County Clerk’s office is the only place in town to get a 'I voted' sticker. That’s just how vote by mail works." Dennison says some lucky voters might get one at a ballot drop site, "Our guys that drive around the county and pick up our ballots at our dropboxes, they do have pockets full of ‘I voted’ stickers, as well. So, if they come across a voter that’s dropping their ballot off and that voter timed it right, they’ll be able to receive an ‘I voted’ sticker at that time, too."

Elementary student (K-5th grade) submissions are accepted through the end of December, with the winner announced in February, ahead of the May Primary. Middle and high schoolers (6-12th grade) have until the end of June, with the winner announced in August for the general election. Dennison says they could also be used in the future, "I’m anticipating and hoping for some fun entries that might stick around."

Click HERE to download the submission form. 

Photo: Deschutes County Clerk Steve Dennison shows off a sample "I voted" sticker created by his child. 

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