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Crook Court Discusses Appointment Of New Commissioner

PRINEVILLE, OR -- The Crook County Court has 90 days to appoint a replacement for Commissioner Jerry Brummer, who resigned last week, citing health issues. That resignation will be certified by the county Thursday.  County Counsel Eric Blaine told Judge Seth Crawford and Commissioner Brian Barney at Wednesday’s court meeting a vacancy notice will be issued. “The public has 30 days from the date of the public notice to submit to the county courts nominations for someone to fill that vacancy,” Blaine explained, adding, “Thereafter, the county court will schedule a public meeting at which it would decide who would fill the vacancy.”

Crawford and Barney expressed interest in interviewing as many candidates as possible, but will determine the exact selection process at a later meeting, “I would like to see some kind of an application form and I would like to see resumes as well,” Crawford said. Barney agreed, “Yes, I would. And I'd like to also know if they are interested in seeking election further in or just to serve as a temporary position.” Barney added, “I would like to see us have a set of questions that we send out and have people answer questions that come from the court. Just to kind of see what they know about Crook County, what their feelings are, what their desires are.”

During the citizen input portion of the meeting, a few people spoke in favor of a proposed change in governance, moving away from the county court to a commission. Others spoke of having it go to a voting ballot. Judge Crawford has tabled that discussion for now. Both Crawford and Barney, along with those who have public comment said they appreciated Brummer for his service to the county.


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