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Mirror Pond Level Lowers For Infrastructure Work

BEND, OR -- Mirror Pond’s water level will be drawn down by about two feet starting Monday, October 16th, to allow for the installation of a storm water outfall structure along the riverbank.

Engineer Brittany Barker tells KBND News it’s part of a larger project happening downtown, “This last segment of work is really to just replace the stormwater system within the Pageant Park area to connect to the new infrastructure that was built for the Newport Corridor improvements project. So, this is really just the final step of conveying that water all the way to the river.”

She says the water level will be similar to when Parks and Rec was doing trail construction last Fall and Winter. “We're putting in a more natural-looking rock outfall system which will slow down the water before it goes into the river. And it should at least minimize erosion along the riverbank,” she adds it will look nicer, too, “Right now, there's a corrugated metal pipe that's sticking out into the river with a grate on it that doesn't look overly aesthetically pleasing. It is an eyesore. So, we're hoping it to look much more natural when we are completed with this work and much more efficient for our uses also.”

It should help problem areas during big storms. “There's also an additional catch basin that we're putting in right at the end of where Nashville and Drake Road connect to eliminate flooding issues in that one location.”

Water levels at Mirror Pond will return to normal in about four weeks. The project is expected to be complete in December, with the possibility of some vegetation planting in the Spring. 


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