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Bend Proposes SDC Updates

BEND, OR -- The City of Bend is considering changes to its System Development Charges that pay for water, transportation, and sewer.

City Management Analyst Sarah Hutson says a methodology update will create more consistency in the fee structure, and lower costs for smaller housing units, “We’re going to a tiered structure for single unit detached homes and middle housing, so two to four units like duplexes and triplexes and quadplexes. That fee will be based on square footage rather than one uniform rate for single family homes.”

She tells KBND News there are other proposed changes, “We’re also looking at expanding exemptions for childcare facilities. So right now, child care is exempted from transportation SDCs. Under the proposed structure they would be exempted from water, sewer, and transportation.”

The city is keeping home affordability in mind. “We’re looking at how do we increase housing affordability while still getting revenue that the city needs. You’re looking at lower SDCs for residential units that have a smaller footprint so it helps with that density that is a really big part of the city’s goals,” Hutson says adding, some places won’t see much change. “Lower fees for smaller homes, and higher fees for higher square footage homes. So, because of that tiered structure, it really depends on the type of development.”

A public work session next Wednesday December 6th. A public hearing will be held January 17th.  You can view the proposals at the city’s website.

If accepted, the changes would take effect next July.


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