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Bend PD Warns Against Winter Thefts

BEND, OR -- With cold weather settling in for the season, it’s not uncommon to see empty vehicles running in driveways, warming up for the morning commute. But, "That is not a very great idea," says Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz, "We did a lot of analysis around our data on stolen cars and, not surprisingly, found out that the number one way vehicles are stolen in our city are by the use of the key."

Krantz says it not only happens often, it's a crime that's completely preventable, "People leaving it running in the morning, warming up, or even leaving it running while they run into a convenient store or something else; and then some people just leave the keys in the car when they’re not driving. So, all three of those really, if someone has easy access to get into your car and there’s a key and it’s running, that’s really easy to drive away on." He adds, "If someone happens to be on the street who is looking for a car to steal, or maybe looking for a warm place, or just sees something that they’re likely to engage in criminal activity and they see a car started and no one’s around it, it’s an easy opportunity crime."

Krantz says porch package theft is also an easy crime of opportunity this time of year - both deliveries left on a porch and gifts left inside a parked car. Whether it’s your keys or recently purchased gifts, Krantz says valuables should never be left in your vehicle. And, if you receive a delivery when you're not home, ask a neighbor to hold on to it. 


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