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Madras Aquatic Center Looks For Funding Solutions

MADRAS, OR -- The Madras Aquatic Center Recreation District voted Monday to put an updated tax levy on the May ballot.

Executive Director Courtney Snead told the MAC board it won’t increase existing taxes, “Our current tax rates are 65 cents for our local option levy and permanent rate. And then right around that 59-cent mark for our bond. So, this $1.24 per $1,000 adds those three together.” She added it would benefit aging swim facility, “Sustainable funding for capital maintenance, increased hours of MAC operation, cash flow and savings for our JASON months properly, staffing the district, having consistent programs and services and a potential reduction of land-based rec fees.” JASON refers to the months of July, August, September, October and November.

She tells KBND News they want to avoid more reductions in services, “We were trying to figure out how we could raise 1.6 million through property taxes. And that's how we came to this idea of dissolving the existing district and proposing a new district with an appropriate tax rate for that level of funding.”  She says they have had several maintenance issues, “Over the last couple of years, we've had a number of unanticipated capital equipment malfunctions, and replacements that needed to happen. And so, we've just been eating away at the money that we had.”

The added money would fill a gap, “We've got about $3 million in our five-year capital plan that would catch us up with all of the deferred maintenance we have from the last 15 years. And this level of funding would allow us to accomplish that five-year plan,” Snead says.

The proposed tax measure needs approval by Jefferson County cities at a meeting Tuesday, and the county commissioners Wednesday, before it goes to voters this spring.


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