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Hoodoo Opens Amid Winter Blast

SISTERS, OR -- Snow is piling up in the mountains, much to the delight of ski resorts. Although high winds and blizzard-like conditions caused some issues Tuesday. Mt. Bachelor shared a video from mid-mountain, where Tuesday morning gusts reached 100 miles an hour. Wednesday morning, Bachelor reported, "We’ve seen over 2 feet of snow in the last 24 hours with almost 5 feet of snow this week! All lifts will be delayed this morning due to storm recovery and we expect to see moderate snowfall and strong winds throughout the day."

Hoodoo finally opened its season Wednesday. General Manager Matthew McFarland talked with KBND News Tuesday, amid his efforts to clear Hoodoo’s parking lot. "Conditions are white, white, white; very white," he said, "Snow’s coming in sideways and it seems like it’s blowing about 30 miles an hour. We’ve probably gotten eight inches in the parking lot in the last four-ish hours."

He admits the late start to the season is disappointing, "Very frustrating, but there’s really nothing you can do about it. Mother Nature gives us what she’s going to give us, so we can only do with what we have." McFarland added, "It’s disappointing to open so late, but we’ve got the snow now and it’s looking great. We’re all very excited."

His team is prepared for the weather, "We’re expecting there to be lots of wind and icing on the lifts. It just means we have to show up earlier in the morning to get things going." McFarland expects a limited number of lifts to be available on opening day, due to the conditions, "Ed, Manzanita, Easy Rider and The Magic Carpet open. So we will not have summit access, most likely, based on wind alone. If the conditions are favorable, that’s something that could happen. But looking at the forecast, it’s not probable." He notes school closures and delays make it a perfect day to, "Come on up!"

McFarland also has a warning for skiers, "This kind of storm, when it comes in big, deep and heavy, like it is, always be careful of deep snow immersion. So, if you’re skiing through the trees, always ski with a friend, always have a buddy; somebody to watch you and spot you. Keep your friends in sight. Stay safe."


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