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Street Crews Prep For More Hazardous Weather

REDMOND, OR -- With warmer temperatures and rain in the forecast over the next several days. Central Oregon is preparing for another round of hazards.

“You have the possibility of, I think 80% chance of freezing rain. So, we are geared up and ready for it. Everybody's on alert and stand by as needed,”

Redmond Streets Supervisor Anthony Ortgies tells KBND News crews worked around the clock during this week’s winter storm, “We do have two different shifts and crews. They stayed from 2 am to 2 p.m. And then my night crew came in at 2 pm and 2 am. So we have that opportunity to put them back on that schedule if we do have bad weather like we did this weekend.”

He says that effort paid off, “This winter storm event that we had, I believe that we were very proactive on it and we have only received a very minimal amount of calls. So, from the years past, I do believe we've done a very good job this year.”

They’re now watching for rapidly melting snow, which could cause flooding.

Ortgies says residents and business owners can make it easier for road crews, “If they could help us out by maybe exposing, finding their storm drains, if they are not already exposed, that would be super helpful for us. We will go around if we start having a problem via our GIS system and we can locate storm drains where needed to get things drained fairly quickly.”


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