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Houseless Response Office Taking Shelter Proposals Next Month

BEND, OR -- The Coordinated Houseless Response Office is closer to establishing temporary shelters in Deschutes County.

Steven Emerson, with the county, told the CHRO board at Thursday’s meeting they will start accepting shelter proposals next month, “What we're really asking the provider community to do is help us design, develop, and operate temporary shelter sites in Deschutes County. ...Safe parking, managed camps, tiny home villages. There's several different options. We know that providers do best when they're supported through the process. And so, there's an explicit emphasis on making sure that this isn't some50-page super-burdensome thing that we're expecting providers to take on, on their own. But more of developing some partnerships to try to address this crisis together.”

Nine agencies provided input at a public partners roundtable meeting: the cities of Bend and Redmond, Deschutes County, Forest Service, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, Homeless Leadership Coalition, Bend Parks & Recreation, Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council and ODOT.  “There is an express priority for local clients. We're looking for robust engagement and community outreach in a proposal. And we're also looking for a strong commitment to community partnership,” Emerson said.

The Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council will oversee the project.

They hope to approve proposals by mid-March.

file photo: Deschutes County unsanctioned camp


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