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Bend Street Crews Prepare For Melt Off

BEND, OR -- Local street crews are trying to keep up with varying winter weather.

“We adjust to what Mother Nature’s throwing at us, as far as our treatment of the roads,” Bend Transportation Director David Abbas says they’re keeping an eye on the extended outlook, “The forecast is warmer temperatures above freezing all day long, even in the evenings, with highs currently forecast up into the 50s. So, this snow and ice is not going to stick around long.”

He says they’re shifting from sanding and plowing, to clearing streets for draining the melting ice and snow. “The Transportation mobility staff - the winter operations are really trying to plow curb to curb where we can to open up those curb lines for drainage, get those catch basins opened up. That effort starts with areas that are either known for past ponding, flooding, any of the drainage systems that kind of flow down to the river or in a low sag point, that type of thing.”

Along with common trouble spots, crews prioritize clearing main routes. “Arterial collector type roadways that serve medical centers, hospital business centers; the major roads that move the most traffic, people and commerce,” Abbas says, adding that while City code requires property owners to clear sidewalks, clearing curb drains and fire hydrants is helpful too, “When we have winter storms like this, in my opinion, it takes the community as a whole to get through them together. If you have a catch basin out in front of your home, if you can help, make sure that that's exposed and the run off, especially as we head into the warmer temperatures. Community getting through it together. Be a good neighbor. If you have an elderly or disabled neighbor that could use a hand, use some help, and you're able to, please help out your neighbors.”

Along with regular staff, contractors were called in last week, to help clear neighborhood streets.


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