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Deschutes Public Library Debuts Local Tea Fundraiser

BEND, OR -- Deschutes Public Library has partnered with a local tea company to build awareness and support programs and services.

“We wanted to kick this off during a tea drinking month in February. And it also happens to be a national Library Lovers month. So, we thought that would be a great time to kind of launch this campaign,” says the library’s Dana O’Connell who helped in crafting the specialty beverage with Metolius Artisan Tea, “Amy at Metolius, they donate a portion to literacy programs which comes back in the form of our library foundation. Deschutes Public Library Foundation supports our summer reading program. There's a big author event that's free and open to the public called The Novel Idea in the month of May.”

“Reader's Blend highlights locally grown lavender and bachelor's buttons along with ethically sourced coconut, Italian bergamot, and rooibos. It’s rich, smooth, floral, and thoughtful,” says Amy Stahl, founder of Metolius Artisan Tea.

O’Connell tells KBND News tea drinkers are giving it good reviews, ”If people are so inclined, they can support Metolius tea by purchasing this tea. And then a portion of that funds these programs that are not funded through taxpayer dollars.” She says a social media campaign with the tea has been a successful part of Library Lovers Month, “Just the creativity that people have shown us, and their outcry for support of the library is just like getting a love letter,” adding it’s been a fun approach to build awareness, “It's a way to say, hey, here's all these things that the library can do and then we wanted a way to give back.”

You can enjoy free samples available at library branches during Random Acts of Kindness week, beginning next Tuesday.


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