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Help for Everyone Dealing with Suicide

Despite efforts from organizations statewide and throughout the northwest, it seems some who have suicidal thoughts are not reaching out in time. In Vancouver, Washington, police believe a man set his own home on fire with his family inside just days ago. A 20-year-old man in Bend stabbed himself in front of 14 people within the last few weeks, and still other Central Oregon suicides continue to invade news headlines. Deschutes County Sheriff Larry Blanton says everyone, including his staff, needs to constantly be on the look out for signs of suicidal tendencies. “You know I think it's important that people as much as they can be vigilant in giving people help that are asking for help and you have to be listening very closely for people that are asking for help ‘cuz they don't necessarily come right out and say that. Our corrections deputies our patrol deputies are trained on how to deal with those people suffering from mental illness and or are going through a phase in their life where they want to be self-destructive.” Sheriff Blanton says they also use that training in the midst of responding to domestic disputes. They also ask if the person has had self-destructive thoughts such as suicide and further assess their mental state when putting them in jail. He says if you need help for yourself or someone else, you can call a suicide hotline or just dial 911.



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