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Supporters of a "State Bank" in Oregon say it could be a way to free up credit and draw more jobs to Oregon.  Two bills in Salem would establish the bank. Sean Watt, a Regional Manager with Home Federal Bank, says don't let the name confuse you: it’s not about Socialism. He says a state bank wouldn't compete with community bank, but could actually help them.  "Actually the state bank concept would spread the risk out. It would take less risk it would take more risk off of the financial institution and spread that risk with the state bank. So, for example, you would see more participation loans, where the bank would have a portion of the loan the state bank would have a portion of the loan, and therefore they're spreading the risk out on that particular deal." The only state bank in the country is in North Dakota and that bank started in 1919. In that model the Governor plays a big role in overseeing the bank . Watt says one downside to doing a state bank in Oregon right now could be the start up costs. A recent survey shows many smaller business owners support the overall concept of a "bankers" bank.






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