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As details are revealed in Bin Laden's death, it's said that it was actually one of his own wives who pointed him out to Special Forces.  In the past the Al Qaeda leader was able elude capture, using means that a local veteran Dick Tobiasan refers to as... cowardly. “Look at what Bin Laden did. He used a woman as a shield that's there attitude about women. Don’t let them have any rights use them as a shield; that's kind of... we would say that's kind of cowardly isn't it?" Investigators used DNA samples from family members to confirm that the man shot and killed was in fact Bin Laden. They then buried the body at sea in keeping with Islamic religious beliefs that a person should be buried within 24 hours after death. 

Will There Be Repercussions?

According to public reaction, as seen nationally, regionally, and locally, the nation appears to be behind the Presidents’ decision to take out the number one enemy of the U.S. The next question is:  will there be repercussions, or will this slow the roll of Al Qaeda and it's desire to attack the United States? Tobiasan says, this is a good start toward America’s end goal of anti-terrorism. Tobiason: "In this particular case Bin Laden was not only the leader he was also intellect behind the campaign the big fund raiser he was everything to them. Is there some who can fill that vacuum? Who knows, but if they try it,  we will find because that's our mission."





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