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Pink Fire Trucks Fighting Cancer

There will be three pink fire trucks, staffed with firefighters in pink turn outs in Bend this week to help celebrate the “Heaven Can Wait Walk” on Sunday. They have traveled to Central Oregon all the way from Glendale, Arizona, a 2600 mile round trip. Our sister stations, Country 99.7- The Mountain and 98.3 The Twins will be out at Murray and Holt Motors collecting donations for Bend firefighters to have mustaches removed and heads shaved. As an added bonus, City Councilor and Mayor Pro Tem Jodie Barram will shave her head if $5,000 in donations is reached. The Arizona firefighters charge nothing for their time and effort; they take their own time to travel throughout the U.S. to help support fund raisers to find a cure. They will be in different locations throughout Bend this weekend. They are asking that stop and show your support and maybe help by making a donation for cancer research in our community. If you are a cancer survivor you are encouraged to sign the fire truck. There are signatures from all over the United States of survivors of not just breast cancer but any type of cancer!!

And speaking of Barram…

Bend City Councilor Jodie Barram is preparing to get her hair cut for a good cause today. Barram says she will cut off her long locks, if she can raise $5000 for Sara's Project. It's a local program that promotes early detection of breast cancer. For Jodie, it's personal: “This year its much more poignant because I lost my mother in February to breast cancer. And having been there at the end when she went to heaven, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.” Barram will cut one inch off her hair for every $500 dollars raised, or all her hair if $5000 is raised. She will be collecting pledges today at Murray and Holt in Bend most of the day. The big haircut is scheduled for 5 p.m. today.




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