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Kitzhaber Signs Bottle Bill Expansion

Governor John Kitzhaber has signed into law an expansion of Oregon's Bottle Bill that will require a five cent deposit on energy drinks, juice and tea containers no later than 2018. Senator Jackie Dingfelder has been a champion of the legislation, and say she’s glad the state is taking conservation seriously. Glass, aluminum and plastic containers that hold liquor, wine and milk are not included.  The bill also expands the state's effort to move to redemption centers, instead of grocery store bottle returns. 

Not everyone is happy that the Bottle Bill is now law

State Senator Chris Telfer of Bend says she's disappointed in the passage of the bill, and she plans to do something about it. "I think its going to line the pockets of some and what I’m going to do between now and February is come up with legislation that these nickels, these unclaimed nickels, that amount to about $20-25 million will be diverted to the unclaimed property of the Department of State Lands which then goes into the Common School Fund." Telfer says they are looking to fill a gap of about $15 million in the schools for the end of the year. She adds that it would be better educate people on recycling rather than inflate prices on bottles.




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