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Redmond Teachers, District at Standstill

Collective bargaining for a 2011-2012 contract between the Redmond Education Association and Redmond School District did not result in settlement Monday night. Bargaining teams for each party met and exchanged proposals. Following the District's counter proposal to REA's latest offer, members of the REA bargaining team informed the District they were not willing to make further concessions now were they willing to exchange further proposals. 

The district offered two proposals during Monday’s bargaining session, the ninth meeting between the two groups since February. The first proposal would provide licensed employees with the same compensation and same number of work days in the coming year as was negotiated for the 2010-2011 school year. An alternative proposal offered by the district would defer step and column increases for two-thirds of the year and would eliminate two additional non-student contact days.
During Monday’s meeting, REA asked for increased salary for all licensed employees in the form of step and column increases midway through the school year, as well as an additional 1.3% cost of living increase midway through the school year for those not eligible for step increases. The REA proposal includes cutting two additional student contact days beyond the district’s proposal.
“Unfortunately, tonight’s bargaining session did not conclude with a settlement,” RSD Superintendent Shay Mikalson said. “We remain hopeful a settlement still may be reached before the end of the school year.”
Earlier this year classified, confidential, and administrative employee groups made agreements for the 2011-2012 school year that provide employees the same compensation and the same number of work days as the current school year.

No further bargaining sessions have been scheduled.




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