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Hikers Rescued

A couple from the valley is found safe after spending the night near Hosmer Lake Tuesday night. John and Terri Harris from Milwaukie, Oregon started their hike along the Lava Lake trailhead around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon. Lt. Scott Shelton with Deschutes County Search and Rescue:  “During that time they came upon hikers on the trail who told them they could hike around Elk Lake, but they got turned around. They didn't have any compass or map. So it was real easy to get turned around on the trails.” The pair called 911 at 4:30 Tuesday morning asking for help. They were cold, wet and lost. Officers found them around 7 a.m. about five miles from the Lava Lake Trailhead on the Windago Trail.  One of the hikers could not able to walk out, initially, due to injuries sustained as a result of exposure. Conditions at the time the search began were windy, rainy and cold, in the low 40-degree range.  Medical personnel checked them out and gave them dry clothing and hot liquids. The hikers were released after a medical evaluation.


The hikers indicated during an interview, that they had left from Lava Lake around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon, with intentions of taking a short hike. They were not equipped to remain overnight or for the changing weather conditions. They also did not have a map, compass or other navigations systems, but they did have a fully charged cell phone. The Harris’ did not call for help until the morning, because they believed the Sheriff’s Office would not conduct a search overnight. The Deschutes County Sheriffs Office wants everyone to know that they do respond to calls for assistance at any time of the day or night, or in any weather conditions.   




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