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Coastal Drownings Over the Holiday

It was a bad weekend on the coast; with a drowning on the Oregon coast and one in Washington as well. In the Oregon case, a nine year old Portland girl was swept out to sea Monday morning, at Cape Lookout State Park. Lt. Gregg Hastings with Oregon State Police says the girl was riding an inflatable whale in the water with three other kids, when a wave knocked them off: “I'm not aware at this point how far from the actual beach and in the water they were, but it doesn't sound like it was very far out given their ages.” As the kids were making their way back to shore a second wave swept the girl out to sea. Hastings isn't sure if the kids were wearing life jackets. And in Washington State new Seaview Coast Guard Petty Officer Eric Chandler has details: “A group of people at the beach, about a mile south of Seaview contact Pacific County to notify them that a member of their group had been near the water or in the water along the shor. They had lost sight of the individual. Chandler says the man was not wearing a life jacket. The man is presumed dead: a search for him was called off yesterday.




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