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Nine former students of a "tough love" boarding school that once operated in Central Oregon are suing and asking for more than $14 million in damages. A Portland attorney known for taking on the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church in child abuse cases is heading up the suit. The suit against Mount Bachelor academy east of Prineville was filed in Portland Wednesday. Attorney Kelly Clark says the suit alleges emotional, physical and sexual abuse. "In the guise of helping a child move past childhood trauma; they would have a kid "reenact" sexual abuse from their childhood; show us how it happened. If a child were sexually provocative, they would have the child act that way. They would make that child act sexually promiscuous with other students. It was all a kind of re-enactment, I guess designed to get rid of behavior, but it was re-traumatizing." He says the victims also allege they would use light, sound and sleep deprivations and withhold medical help. The lawyer for the Mount Bachelor Academy says they haven't had the chance to look thoroughly into the allegations filed Wednesday,  but they want to point out that they were successful in resolving a dispute with the Oregon Department of Human Services last fall. When KBND ran stories on earlier allegations; a former student defended the program saying that she never saw or experienced any unprofessional behavior. She said the counselors are tough and the program requires you to confront your issues.







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