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Warm Springs homeowners are being allowed to return home today after fleeing their homes that were in the path of a fast moving and wind -whipped wildfire. The latest estimate of size of the "Upper Dry Creek Fire" has been downgraded from 2000 to 1300 acres and it's 60% contained right now. Two homes burned in the fire; one was vacant and abandoned. People were living in the other one. It was a close call for about 30 homeowners in Warm Springs as a fast moving wildfire came inches away from their homes. Juanita Majel is with the Warm Springs Fire Management Center: “We had about 25-30 homes where the fire did actually get to their homes. And some of them, it was right in their back yard or surrounding their homes, but we didn’t have an structures catch fires except for those two.” The fire started near a subdivision in Warm Springs, where residents told our news partner, News Channel 21 that they were burning debris and the wind took sparks into the dry brush. About 250 crews from throughout the area are tackling the mop up today. It is now fully contained.






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