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We can now add 1200 new lightning strikes from last night to about 9000 from Wednesday’s big storm; most of last night's strikes were in Wasco County.  Meantime, crews are hopping today fighting almost 200 fires in the region. No structures are threatened and the biggest impact so far is all the smoke in the air.  “People who are susceptible, people with asthma, other respiratory conditions,. I definitely advise staying indoors as much as possible.” Dr. Adam Williams with Bend Memorial Clinic says people with asthma need to make sure they have their inhaler nearby, as well as a rescue inhaler. And even for people who don’t normally have breathing problems, those exercise addicts may need to skip the daily run outside. "When we exercise our ventiliatory rate can go up 10 times. So, if you're breathing 10 times as much; you are potentially breathing 10 times more of the irritants and the things that are in the wildfire smoke. So as hard as it is for those exercising addicts to take a break; I do definitely recommend doing it indoors or passing on it." Dr. Williams says overall air quality in Central Oregon most of the time is pretty good. For example: people who live in the valley have to deal more with pollen issues, and smoke from field burning. The largest fire right now is burning near Clarno at 15,000 acres, and several large remote fires are burning on the Warms Springs Reservation. 






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