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Fire bosses feel this is a turning point on the High Cascades Complex burning on at least 76,000 acres on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. The fire has burned close enough to threaten about 200 structures but fire officials say none have been lost. Fire command spokesperson Tom Lavagnino says the cooler weather has been a welcome relief. “We've turned the corner on many of these challenges given to us. The last couple of days was a real challenge with the hot weather and low humidity.  We're not getting that now; we're taking advantage of it where we can." He says its been a tough fight the past few days, and crews are starting to show their fatigue. Because of the massive fire-fighting effort there have been constantly changing road and highway closures in that area. ODOT still recommends that you avoid the area if possible.

If you live in the Sister’s area you've probably noticed a visible wildfire burning within the Mt. Washington Wilderness about 15 miles west of Sisters. Fire spokesperson Carol Connolly says the fire will generate some smoke for awhile because of how it’s burning: “It’s kind of a mosaic pattern, it's burning in a mosaic pattern which means there's un-burned pockets of fuel between sections of the fire, the active fire. “ It’s currently almost 500 acres. It was first spotted on Sunday afternoon, and is believed to have been caused by a lightning strike.

A fire burning near Mt. Hood has grown to 1600 acres. It's burning in extremely rugged terrain. Jeree Mills, with the Northwest Coordination Center says it's burning in the same area as a fire two years ago. The previous fire eliminated much of the fuel that can cause the Dollar Lake Fire to grow. The historic Cloud Cap Inn is wrapped in protective material to keep it from burning.






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