McIlroy Defends Lynch Against Media, NFL

(Undated)  --  Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is being defended by fans for his past practice of silence to the media, and among those defenders is golf star Rory McIlroy.  Lynch has been slapped with heavy fines by the NFL for refusing to meet with members of the media as required by the league, and fans are petitioning the NFL to "stop bullying" the star running back.  McIlroy recently tweeted in response to Lynch's pat answer of "I'm thankful" to media questions following the playoff game with Carolina, saying "Love this!  Paid to play not answer questions."  The four-time major winner later tweeted that Lynch "has 50 teammates that can answer q's about the game" and that it's unfair that the "media insist that they want him as it's a bigger story."

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