Analysis: Lillard has enough motivation for his playoff push

Damian Lillard has no shortage of motivation.


There's the painful kind, the kind that comes from dealing with the death three months ago of a cousin who was very close to him. There's the made-up variety, stemming from the belief he shared Tuesday night that people who cover the league don't respect his work. There's the silly stuff, like a back-and-forth on social media with other NBA players.

And then there's probably the biggest sort - his want to get the Portland Trail Blazers back to the playoffs.


He topped a 51-point performance on Sunday by offering a 61-point performance on Tuesday, doing all that with the Blazers' postseason fate still not secure and knowing that any loss would put a sizable dent in those playoff hopes. He's the 12th player in NBA history to have consecutive 50-point games, and just the second - joining only Wilt Chamberlain - to have three 60-point games in a season.


''Couldn't have been a better time for that type of game,'' Lillard said Tuesday, after he helped the Blazers beat Dallas and move pass Memphis into the No. 8 spot in the Western Conference. ''So, like I said, it's a pleasure and honor to be company with Wilt. And hopefully, you know, it can continue.''


This is where the Blazers are: Win Thursday's seeding-game finale against nothing-to-play-for Brooklyn, and they're in the West play-in series that starts on Saturday as the No. 8 seed. Lose Thursday, and nothing is guaranteed.


Portland is eighth at 34-39. Memphis and Phoenix are tied for ninth at 33-39. San Antonio is 11th at 32-38, but only a half-game out of eighth. How those teams fare on Thursday - they all play their seeding-game finales that day - will determine who goes to the play-in series.


And Lillard, even with those stakes, is putting on the best show in the bubble.


''If we lose this game, we might not make it to the playoffs,'' Portland coach Terry Stotts said Tuesday night. ''So, the magnitude of this game, even though it's in an empty gym and in a bubble ... this was the season was on the line.''


The three-point win Tuesday had some help from above, Lillard said. He took a 3-pointer in the fourth quarter from somewhere between 35 and 40 feet away, felt it was good when it left his hand, then saw it hit the back of the rim and bounce straight up - way, way, way up - in the air.


Lillard's cousin and chef, Brandon Johnson, died suddenly and unexpectedly in May. Chef B, they called him. Lillard knelt over his body and prayed moments after Johnson died. Blazers teammate CJ McCollum, who was also close with Johnson, came over soon afterward. Lillard and McCollum sat and cried together. And in the bubble, Chef B is in their mind. ''I just tried to continue what I feel like he would want me to do,'' Lillard said.


Back to that 3-pointer. A shot from that far away, moving with that much energy, typically doesn't hit the rim and bounce straight up. They tend to bounce outward. Not this one. It went up, up, up and fell for three points.


A reminder: The Blazers beat the Mavericks by three points.


''Rest in peace, Chef B,'' Lillard said. ''I think that was him dropping that in.''


Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony said he knew that 3-pointer, as he watched the ball go up and then in, was special.

''I probably said about 20 please, like please-please-please-please-please like repeatedly,'' Anthony said. ''It wasn't meant for us to lose when that shot went in. It just wasn't meant for us to lose.''


When the night was done, when the last of the 61 points had hit the books, Lillard said he shouted ''put some respect on my name'' to the media area, because as he put it ''those were the people who usually have something to say or put out whatever they put out.'' In the bubble, there's pretty much only been marveling, for good reason.


Lillard got into a bit of a social-media beef a few days ago, after the Los Angeles Clippers' Patrick Beverley and Paul George reveled in how he missed two late free throws in what became a Portland loss. That fired him up, too - in the two games since, he's 33 for 34 from the line, those shots all critical given how close the games were.


The NBA said Tuesday that there will be an All-Seeding Games team and MVP selected by reporters and broadcasters who are covering the restart. Lillard is pretty much a lock to be a strong candidate. Those awards will be handed out Saturday before Game 1 of the West play-in series. He didn't come here to be on that award list. He came here for the playoffs, and thanks to him, the Blazers are now in the driver's seat for a chance to play the Los Angeles Lakers in Round 1.


And that will deliver even more motivation.

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