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BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County Sheriff’s office has determined that a shooting Monday afternoon at a home east of Bend, was not a home invasion after all.  Detective Sgt. Deke Demars says the investigation revealed the man’s injuries were self-inflicted.  "There was no intruder, no suspect at all, nobody made entrance – forced entrance or otherwise – into the reported house on Wickiup Road.  Ultimately, that being said, we’re able to absolutely confirm that there’s nobody outstanding, there’s no outstanding suspect or other dangers to the community regarding this incident."

On Monday, 40-year old Todd Dickerson reportedly called 911 saying he had interrupted a burglar when he returned home for lunch.  He claimed a man in a ski mask shot him in the shoulder and ran off.  Three law-enforcement agencies sent officers to the area east of Bend to search for a suspect. Sgt. Demars says the case will now be forwarded to the Deschutes County DA for review of possible criminal charges against Dickerson. "At this point in time, everything that we have will be completed and sent to the Deschutes County’s District Attorney’s office for further review.  We’re looking at the totality of everything and ultimately will make a determination later on and that’s why we’re going to refer it to the DA’s office for review."
Dickerson works for the Tower Theatre Foundation.  The Board released the following statement, Wednesday afternoon:  “The Tower staff and board are deeply saddened by the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office report released today.  Todd Dickerson has been an important part of the Tower Theatre Foundation staff as Development Director for the past two years. At this difficult time, our hearts go out to Todd and his family. .”


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  • 15th Street between Knott Road and the new collector road for infrastructure installation, full closure of the roadway, 12/26/20 - 7/31/20