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Trespassing Citation Issued at Transient Camp

REDMOND, OR -- Deschutes County deputies Monday issued the first trespassing citation since starting eviction proceedings a week ago, at the homeless camps east of Redmond. The Sheriff’s Office says the 57-year-old man initially refused to leave his camp on the property owned by the Central Oregon Irrigation District. He was cited and released once he became cooperative. 


JW Terry, with the Central Oregon Veterans Outreach (COVO), says volunteers are still trying to help, "Most of them have left the camps. They’re still working on – the last number I heard was - about 30 of the hardest ones to move." Kathy Skidmore, with COVO, tells KBND News, "A lot of our agencies are out there – Deschutes County Behavioral Health, St. Vincent De Paul, Jericho Road, COVO, a number of churches. Even with all that support surrounding these people, it’s challenging to find anywhere for them to go. We’re all kind of at a loss. No matter how much effort we throw at the situation, it’s not going to be solved soon." She says, "They have nowhere to go; that’s the main issue. And, they’re there for a reason. Many of them have been there for a number of years. Some of them have just accepted that that’s where they’re going to be." Many of the campers have reportedly moved to nearby BLM land, where they can legally stay for 14 days.
Click HERE to listen to our full conversation with COVO's JW Terry and Kathy Skidmore. 
An inmate work crew is helping Sheriff's deputies clean up trash and personal items left behind at the site, which is owned by COID, Redmond Schools and Deschutes County. 

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